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Why are Professional Installed Seamless Gutters Important?

Seamless Gutters Corpus Christi - Affordable Gutters Inc.

What are rain gutters and what do they do?

A rain gutter is a long, hollow channel that attaches to your roof edges with an extension(s) running downward to the ground. The primary purpose is the catch rainwater and direct it away from your foundation and home. Seamless gutters are manufactured from a single piece of steal, creating a long-lasting, leak-resistance gutter system.


Our seamless gutters are long rectangular tubes that work by catching rainwater is it runs off your roof. Gutters create a hallow channel that allows rainwater to collect and run off rather than pouring down your home where it can cause siding and foundation damage. Downspouts then direct the rainwater towards areas where the runoff can travel out and away from your home.

Installing new gutters correctly requires planning, calculations, and manual labor. Our professionals know exactly what they are doing and how to correctly fit your home with seamless gutters. We ensure that all materials are of the highest quality for the longest lasting gutter system. Before we begin, we first determine the perfect location and sizing for your downspouts, ensuring that they are inconspicuous as to not detract from the curbside aesthetic of your home. We make sure they are properly placed for the best possible runoff away from your foundation. Then, we consider the slope and mounting options for your gutters that will give your home the utmost protection. Finally we get to work!

Seamless Gutters Corpus Christi - Affordable Gutters Inc.
Seamless Gutters Corpus Christi - Affordable Gutters Inc.

What are the Benefits?

Top Three Reasons to have a Gutter System

Without the proper defenses in place, rain can have damaging effects on your home – all of which can be prevented or reduced with a professionally installed gutter system.

  • Protection: Repeated and longstanding exposure to moisture can encourage mold and mildew growth behind your siding, create soft spots and leaks in your roofing, cause wood rot along windows, and pooling water can create foundation problems. Gutters are the surest way to reduce these issues.
  • Staying Dry: When water pools around your home your at risk of having to walk through puddles to get to your entry way, or worse dodge pouring water on your way in or out of your home. Gutters direct water way from entryways.
  • Clean Home: Rainwater that runsoff your roof and onto the siding of your home can build up dirt and grime that over time leaves your home looking dirty. Gutters prevent this by catching and guiding rain water away from the sides of your home.